Mission Statement

The Fraternal Order of Police is committed to promoting and fostering the enforcement of Law and Order, improving the individual proficiency of our members in the performance of their duties, encouraging social, charitable, and educational activities among law enforement officers, and cultivating a spirit of fraternalism and mutual respect among our members and the citizens we serve. We believe that these actions will increase the efficiency of the law enforcement profession and firmly establish the confidence of the public in the law enforcement officers who are dedicated to serve and protect them.

FOP Lodge #47 Contacts

Main Lodge - Executive Board
President Gwendolyn (Gwen) Orfield ggorfield@yahoo.com
Vice President George Zuban gwashmom@verizon.net
Treasurer Mickey Smith msmith156@comcast.net
2nd Vice President Joe Diman dimanjoe@aol.com
Secretary Christina Henderson chrissyh418@gmail.com
Chaplain Hank Holland hhollandiii@verizon.net
Sergeant At Arms Theodore Knight teddy82nd@yahoo.com
Immediate Past President Kevin Carroll thelawmanii@gmail.com
National Trustee Thomas E. Stiles tes36cop@aol.com

Auxiliary Lodge
President Pam Landrum e-mail
Vice President Sherry Pridemore e-mail
Secretary Brande Stiles e-mail
Treasurer Brande Stiles e-mail

Associate Lodge
President Betty Rice bet3-8@comcast.net
Vice President Mike Wannamaker
Secretary Karen Rice thedrivingschool@comcast.net
Treasurer Al McIntire almcintire55@yahoo.com

Fraternal Order of Police

The History of Chesterfield Lodge #47

Chesterfield County FOP Lodge 47
Buck Maddra and Courtney Griffin

By the 1980's, Virginia had more than 20 Fraternal Order of Police lodges throughout the state. There was a growing interest in forming a lodge in Chesterfield. The "higher-ups" in the police department viewed the FOP as a union and there was a lot of opposition to the forming of a lodge. However, with much determination, Chesterfield Lodge #47 received its charter.

The first president was Sgt. A. V. "Buck" Maddra and vice president was D. Courtney Griffin. All the signers of the Charter played a significant role in the formation of the Lodge. In addition to those charter members, Bob Walker and Glenwood Burley, both of whom were with the Richmond City Police Department and members of the John Marshall FOP Lodge #2, were very helpful in the chartering and initial success of our Lodge.

President Maddra signs the charter

You will notice a blank space on the Charter. There was a member that signed the Charter but never paid his dues or came to any meetings. He was asked by the President about this several times and indicated that he had no further interest in the Lodge. The decision was made to remove his name from the Charter.

Initially, the meetings were held in a building behind the 7-Eleven at the corner of Cogbill Road and Route 10. The lodge eventually bought the building. As with any new organization, at first we struggled to grow our membership and finances. Thanks to dedicated leaders and members, many of whom still belong, the Lodge did grow and thrive.

Gradually, the attitude amongst the Chesterfield County Police Department "old guard" changed. They now saw that FOP lodge was not a union and certainly no threat to the department. In fact, some of them joined the Lodge.

Today the Chesterfield Lodge consists of three lodges within the lodge. There is the Regular Lodge consists of active and retired law enforcement officers. The Auxiliary Lodge consists of family members of the officers and the Associate Lodge membership is made up of citizens that support law enforcement and the activities of the Regular Lodge.

Chesterfield's lodge has a diverse membership. There are members from the police department including several original Charter members, the sheriff's office, military police, Commonwealth attorneys, Circuit Court clerk, members of the community, etc. All lodge members work together to support law enforcement and the community. The lodge is involved in numerous charitable endeavors such as Christmas with A Cop, Backpacks for Kids and Badges and Books. Charitable requests are accepted from lodge members on the behalf of a member, law enforcement officer, another organization or even for a member of our community experiencing a hardship.